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If we are unable to purchase your vehicle directly, we offer the option of consignment. Classic Motorcars In Ellington is a car marketing company focusing generally on American made cars from the 1930s to the 1970s. Keith Kloter (the owner) and TJ (my grandson) work together marketing your antique car or truck on the world wide web. We advertise on 3 major websites:, and On these sites, we are able to post up to 100 photos and 2 videos. Someone searching for a vehicle like yours will appear as an option. With our professional presentation, they will be directed to our website. My personal cell phone number and email address is the only contact, and I personally respond to all inquiries. When an offer is accepted, I execute all the documents necessary for the transfer of ownership, assisting in financing, and transport as required. Take the worry and stress away; we will confidently handle the sale of your antique vehicle.




1. Evaluate your vehicles at our showroom and come to an acceptable asking price


2. Present your vehicle in our new secure private showroom (fully insulated and humidity controlled),.


3. Professionally photograph (up to 100 pictures) and video your vehicle, capturing detail which can be magnified to instill confidence in the buyer.


4. Present your vehicle on 3 major classic car websites reaching the worldwide market.


5. My personal phone number and email address is the only contact, assuring accurate/timely answers, and follow up. 


6. I negotiate your best deal and present every offer for your approval. 


7. We offer financing, transport, and export assistance.


8. We provide all correspondence necessary for the proper transfer of title.


9. We oversee the final delivery, assuring it is trouble-free.


**ONLY $125 per month for showroom presentation and advertising with a 10% commission on the negotiated sale price.**

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