1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle


Vehicle Description:

1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle for sale! **Electric Conversion Volkswagen!** This is a very unique "all green transportation" vehicle with a rust-free body. Just plug it into a 110 V for charging. She’s perfect for a 10 mile commute to work! It takes about 3 hours to charge with a 15 mile range. More batteries can be added for greater distances. Be the envy of the neighborhood for only $4,900. Call Keith Kloter @ 860-836-7935 or email him at keith@oldantiquecars.com.

**Here's the scoop. I have been unable to recharge the batteries. I do not know what the problem is, or if there is a problem. It needs someone with technical experience to figure out what switches are in the wrong position, why it’s not charging is a mystery to me. It will be sold as is.**

Vehicle Details:

Exterior Color: Black


Interior Color: Black


Odometer: 36,837


VIN: 1342582666


Exterior Condition: Good